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FoamRecycle LLC is a full service Green Foam Recycling Company 

What type of foam do we recycle?

We recycle EPS foam#6, also known as Styrofoam, Styrene, Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene

We DO NOT accept foam peanuts, mattress cushion soft foam, EPP or PE.

Where is EPS found?

EPS is the white beaded foam mostly used as packaging material around furniture, electronic and packages received, food shipping boxes and medicine coolers.
Look for the triangle #6 symbol at the bottom of the foam 

How Can you recycle with us?

We accept drop off only upon appointment - Please call us at 408-454-6163 ot toll free 866-664-9311 prior to arrival to schedule the day / time you want to drop off your foam

For drop off of residential EPS, please place the foam in a clear bag.

Is there a fee for recycling?

YES - We charge $10 for every 30 gallon volume, or $5 per foam cooler/box, paid at drop off.

How should I bring the foam?

Please place the foam in clear plastic bags.

Make sure the foam is clean of any debris, nails or stickers and is completely dry.

Only clear bags will be accepted.

If you represent a company and have large quantity of foam for recycling, please call us to discuss and to receive a quote.

Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable and prepared to provide your company with a full recycling cost assessment –

On site, or on the phone. 

Why recycle with us?

We developed a cost effective high-efficient process and methods for recycling your excess waste scrap foam.

Our company holds the 3 keys for successful recycling: transportation, storage and processing capabilities.

Transportation - We own trucking line, capable of carrying large quantities of scrap foam.

Storage - Our storage facility is large enough to accommodate large quantities of your scrap foam material and maintain it on a long-term basis.

Processing – We carry top of the line recycling equipment, ready to process all that excess foam for you, including foam densifiers (melting machines), foam compactors and foam shredders. 

Our recycling process will reduce the foam volume by up to 97% of its original volume.

The foam will not end up in the landfill, keeping it 100% green

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We recycle Styrofoam for residents and companies in the Bay Area, CA

Drop off your foam

Drop off your foam at our facility - $10 for a 30gl bag.

Bring your foam to us, we will recycle it for you.

Rent our machines

Rent our recycling machines, when done simply call us,

we come and pickup the equipment and the foam.

EPS Melting

Our EPS densifier will melt the foam, reducing its volume by 97%

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