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Drop off Your foam at our facility

foamrecycle LLC serves as your

Foam Recycling Center

Please read the following:

 *We only accept EPS (Styrofoam) white (#6) packaging foam

* No need for appointment - You can just stop by any day Monday & Thursday 10:00am - 4:30pm.

* No drop off on Weekends. If you have any question, feel free to email us at
* Foam MUST be clean with no glue, no tape, no stickers/labels, no food scraps, no cardboard

* Foam must be placed in plastic bags or open cardboard boxes

* Large pieces can be brought loose and do not need to be broken down

* We will not accept any foam that is not as described above

* No packing peanuts can be accepted
* No soft cushion / mattress foam or colored foam (no black and no pink foams)

* Price for drop off is $10 a bag / $5 for large cooler box, $2-$3 for smaller cooler - Payable with a credit card or cash

If you are working on projects involving foam, or if you receive large quantities of products wrapped in packaging foam, then you are probably left with lots of scraps which you need to dispose of.

It takes up a lot of space at your factory, what should you do?


Companies and residents now have an address for recycling their foam: Drop off your scrap excess foam at our Sunnyvale location, making room for your new foam projects. We accept foam for recycling from any facility, including construction and building companies, local schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and manufacturing plants, as long as the foam is clean and dry.

Please rinse or wipe-off your foam from any left over debris prior to depositing them.

Drop off your foam in bags or pallets, or deliver the foam to us in a truck or a trailer.

Make sure to remove lids, straws, packaging tape, stickers and labels. We will not accept foam with food residue - foam should be clean.

We accept EPS (Expanded polystyrene), as long as they are clean.

Our recycling Center hours are 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Mondays & Thursdays.

EPS (extended polystyrene commonly known as Styrofoam) has become a significant source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors, but it is 100% recyclable. is using efficient and cost effective recycling methods so that your company can easily get rid of all that extra un-wanted foam scraps, waste and surplus that is a bypass product of manufacturing and cutting foam.

We provide a complete line of recycling equipment solution, including foam melting densifying machines.

Our foam recycling material will melt the foam turning it to nuggets. 

With recycling your extra foam you are reducing your waste costs and making room for more storage place.


Keep it Green – Bring us your EPS to be recycled at 1248 Birchwood drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

EPS loose styrofoam for foam recycling
EPS styrofoam compacted recyled foam logs
foam recyling - keep it green
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