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Educational Facts

What is the best method for recycling Styrofoam Foam#6?

There seems to be a common misconception that EPS foam cannot be recycled, when in fact is can be done and with different types of recycling machinery. The three most common methods for recycling Styrofoam are shredding, compacting and melting the foam. A shredder is commonly used when the foam will be further used as filler for toys and furniture or as a building material...

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The Recycling Steps of Foam Number 6 and How It Can Be Utilized for Creating New Materials

When recycling, we often give numbers to the materials recycled. Number 1 is soda and water bottles, number 2 is laundry detergent and other containers and number 4 is plastic bags. Then, there is also foam #6 which consists of packaging material for electronics and furniture, food trays and containers, foam cups, egg cartons, foam peanuts and medical coolers, all made of Styrofoam. This type of foam is also commonly referred to as polystyrene, expanded polystyrene or EPS foam...

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FoamRecycle - In the News

Announcing FoamRecycle, New Company in the Bay Area Offering Foam Recycling Services

FoamRecycle, established in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley CA, offering foam recycling services.

The company accepts EPS foam by drop off to its Sunnyvale facility.

FoamRecycle owns foam compactors, foam densifiers melting machines,

and foam shredders to compact, melt or grind the foam, thus providing solution to excess scrap foam...


FoamRecycle is now live on

*Recycling near Sunnyvale

*Recycling near San Jose

*Recycling near Mountain View

*Recycling near Santa Clara

*Recycling near Fremont

*Recycling near Palo Alto


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